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Main Branch Birtamode:

Excel Building, Mukti Chowk, Opposite of District Traffic Office, Bhadrapur Road, Ward No.-4, Birtamode Municipality (Existing Birtamode Municipality-7)

Phone: 023-543564, 545564

Fax: 023-545554, 543563

Email: birtamode@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Suman Lamichhane

Contact Number: 9842624520

001 - Suman Lamichchane

Ilam Branch:

Excel Building, Ilam Chowk Bazaar, Nikunja Path, Ward No.-7, Ilam Municipality, Ilam (Existing Ilam Municipality-1)

Phone: 027-521633

Fax: 023-521691

Email: ilam@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Ambika Prasad Dhakal

Contact Number: 9844630135

Chandragadhi Branch:

Chandragadhi Bus Stand, Chandragadhi Chowk, Ward No.- 8, Bhadrapur Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Bhadrapur Municipality-10)

Phone: 023-456207

Fax: 023-456736

Email: chandragadhi@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Tika Prasad Dahal

Contact Number: 9842799633

002 - Tika Prasad Dahal

Surunga Branch:

Surunga Bus Stand, Surunga Chowk, Ward No.-3, Kankai Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Kankai Municipality-3)

Phone: 023-550829

Fax: 023-550839

Email: surunga@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Gopal Lohani

Contact Number: 9852682321

Dhulabari Branch:

Campus Road, Dhulabari Mode, Ward No.-10, Mechinagar Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Mechinagar Municipality-1)

Phone: 023-560562

Fax: 023-561417

Email: dhulabari@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Kedar Lamsal

Contact Number: 9842638936

Budhabare Branch:

Ram Janaki Mandir, Budhabare Bazaar, Ward No.-3, Buddhashanti Rural Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Budhabare VDC-9)

Phone: 023-555427

Fax: 023-555437

Email: budhabare@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Cholendra Kumar Dhakal

Contact Number: 9852679991

Shanischare Branch:

Shanischare Bazaar, Arjundhara Chowk, Ward No.-8, Arjundhara Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Shani Arjun Municipality -1)

Phone: 023-465002

Fax: 023-465102

Email: shanischare@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Yubaraj Niraula

Contact Number: 9842639614

007 - Yubaraj Niraula

Shivgunj Branch:

Shivgunj Bus Stand, Shivagunj Chowk, Ward No.- 6, Shivasatakshi Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Shivasatakshi Municipality-1)

Phone: 023-411004, 411012

Fax: NA

Email: shivgunj@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Bipesh Dahal

Contact Number: 9841694744


Bhadrapur Branch:

Bhadrapur Bazaar, Ward No.-5, Bhadrapur Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Bhadrapur Municipality-7)

Phone: 023-522302

Fax: 023-520308

Email: bhadrapur@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Min Bahadur Karki

Contact Number: 9852655888

009 - Min Bdr Karki

Charali Branch:

Ilam Road, Charali Chowk, Ward No.-13, Mechinagar Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Duwagadi VDC-4)

Phone: 023-460120

Fax: 023-460640

Email: charali@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Nita Devi Bhattarai

Contact Number: 9842656884

Biratnagar Branch:

Dharan Road, Near Shani Mandir, Ward No.-7, Biratnagar Metropolitan City (Existing Biratnagar Sub Metropolitan City-8)

Phone: 021-525498

Fax: 021-525497

Email: biratnagar@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Prajit Thapa

Contact Number: 9852655200

Fikkal Branch:

Fikkal Chowk, Fikkal Bazar, Ilam Raod, Ward No.-10, Suryodaya Municipality, Ilam (Existing Suryodaya Municipalty – 6)

Phone: 027-540458

Fax: 027-540459

Email: fikkal@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Anil Dhungana

Contact Number: 9862607477

011 Fikkal - Anil Dhungana

Damak Branch:

Thana Road, Excel Building, Ward No.-6, Damak Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Damak Municipality -11)

Phone: 023-582377

Fax: 023-582378

Email: damak@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Nabin Sangraula

Contact Number: 9852673321

014 Damak - Nabin Sangraula

Kakarvitta Branch:

Bahundangi Road, Sai Marga, Kakarvitta, Ward No.-6, Mechinagar Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Mechinagar Municipality-10)

Phone: 023-563302

Fax: 023-563302

Email: kakarvitta@edb.com.np

Act. Branch Manager: Regan Acharya

Contact Number: 9807985635

Rajgadh Branch:

Rajgadh Bazar, Ward No.-3, Baradashi Rural Municipality, Jhapa (Existing Rajgadh VDC – 6)

Phone: 023-620044

Fax: NA

Email: rajgadh@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Ishwari Bhattarai

Contact Number: 9852678006

015 - Ishwari Bhattarai

Mangalbare Branch:

Mangalbare Bazar, Gajurmukhi Road, Ward No.-4,  Deumai Municipality, Ilam (Existing Deumai Municipality-4)

Phone: 027-400150, 400151

Email: mangalbare@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Ramesh Thapa

Contact Number: 9842710445, 9815923254

Dudhe Branch:

Dudhe Chowk, Ward No.-9,  Shiva Satakshi Municipality, Jhapa

Phone: 023-470086

Email: dudhe@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Ramesh Mainali

Contact Number: 9807954739

Gauradaha Branch:

Way to Cinema Hall (Gauradaha Bazar), Deepu Chowk, Ward No.-2,  Gauradaha Municipality, Jhapa

Phone: 023-480042, 480043

Email: gauradaha@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Gajendra Dhakal

Contact Number: 9852655000

Urlabari Branch:

Urlabari Bazar, Biratnagar Road, Ward No.-7,  Urlabari Municipality, Morang

Phone: 021-541074, 541075

Email: urlabari@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Yam Nath Poudel

Contact Number: 9842625223

Biratchowk Branch:

Biratchock, Opposite to Biratnagar Road, Ward No.-10,  Sundar Haraicha Municipality, Morang

Phone: 021-545526, 545527

Email: biratchock@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Satish Kumar Bhattarai

Contact Number: 9841888218

Extension Counter

Sainik Mode Extension Counter:

Goldhap Road, Sainik Mode, Ward No.-9, Birtamode Municipality, Jhapa

Phone: 023-544010

Fax: 023-544010

Email: sainikmode@edb.com.np

Counter Incharge: Govinda Thakur

Contact Number: 9814900700

Govinda Thakur

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Main Branch Birtamode:

Excel Building, Mukti Chowk, 1st Floor, Opposit of District Traffic Office, Bhadrapur Road, Ward No.-7, Birtamode Municipality

Phone: 023-543564, 545564

Fax: 023-545554, 543563

Email: birtamode@edb.com.np

Branch Manager: Suman Lamichhane

Contact Number: 9842624520

Branch Map