Interest Rates:

Saving Deposits (बचत निक्षेप):

There are several saving deposit schemes. For deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 4.00 percent per year.

Fixed Deposits (मुद्दति निक्षेप):

There are several fixed deposit schemes. For fixed deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 8.50 percent per year.

Recurring Deposits (क्रमिक बचत निक्षेप):

For recurring deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 8.50 percent per year.

Loan Schemes (कर्जा योजना):

The loan is provided for almost all fields. For loan accounts, the interest rate is up to +7 percent Premium Rate.

Base Rate of the Last Quarter End (Ashadh End 2077)  is 8.98% and the Last Month End (Bhadra End 2077) is 7.65%.

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Debit Card Fee:

The Debit card is charged @ Nrs. 300 per year.

Excel VISA Debit Card Transaction Fee:

The Excel VISA Debit card can be used for withdrawal and purchase purpose inside Nepal, India and Bhutan with certain charges. The charges are as follows:

Particulars Amount (NRS)
Issuance Fee Nil
Annual Fee 300.00
Replacement/Re-issue 300.00
PIN Re-Generation 100.00
Top-up (Prepaid Reload Fee) Nil
Cash Withdrawal – ONUS Nil
Balance Enquiry – ONUS Nil
Mini Statement – ONUS Nil
Fund Transfer – ONUS Nil
Utility Payment – ONUS Nil
Cash Withdrawal – Within NEPS Member* 0.00
Balance Enquiry – Within NEPS Member* 5.00
Mini Statement – Within NEPS Member* 5.00
Fund Transfer – Within NEPS Member* Nil
Cash Withdrawal – Visa Terminals in Nepal 0.00
Balance Enquiry – Visa Terminals in Nepal 20.00
Cash Withdrawal – Visa Terminals outside Nepal 250.00
Balance Enquiry – Visa Terminals outside Nepal 50.00

*NEPS Member Banks:

  1. Commercial Banks:
    1. Sunrise Bank Limited
    2. Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
    3. Janata Bank Nepal Limited
    4. Siddhartha Bank Limited
    5. Citizens Bank International Limited
    6. NIC Asia Bank Limited
    7. Bank of Kathmandu Limited
    8. Prime Commercial Bank Limited
    9. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
    10. Global IME Bank Limited
  2. Development Banks:
    1. Deva Bikash Bank Limited
    2. Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited
    3. Om Development Bank Limited
    4. Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
    5. Sangri-la Development Bank Limited
    6. Excel Development Bank Limited
    7. Lumbini Bikash Bank Limited

Mobile Banking Fee:

For mobile banking (Excel Smart), there are several schemes, charged Rs. 250

Service Charges:

Free ABBS:

For ABBS transactions, there are no charges. You may deposit or withdraw from any branch without any charges.

Free ECC:

For electronic cheque clearing (ECC) transactions, there are no any charges up to a certain amount.

Other Charges:

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