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Interest Rates:

Saving Deposits (बचत निक्षेप):

There are several saving deposit schemes. For deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 7.00 percent per year.

Fixed Deposits (मुद्दति निक्षेप):

There are several fixed deposit schemes. For fixed deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 10.50 percent per year.

Recurring Deposits (क्रमिक बचत निक्षेप):

For recurring deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 11.00 percent per year.

Loan Schemes (कर्जा योजना):

The loan is provided for almost all fields. For loan accounts, the interest rate is up to +8 percent Premium Rate.

Base Rate of Last Quarter End (Poush End 2075)  is 10.00%

For More Details, please click here:
Interest Rate - Magh 06 2075

Product Rates and Charges:

ATM Card Fee:

The ATM card is activated instantly, which is charged @ Nrs.200 for 2 years.

ATM Transaction Fee:

The ATM card can be used for withdrawal purpose inside Nepal without any charges (within SCT Network).

Mobile Banking Fee:

For mobile banking there are several schemes, charged Rs. 200

Service Charges:

Free ABBS:

For ABBS transactions, there is no any charges. You may deposit or withdraw from any branch without any charges.

Free ECC:

For electronic cheque clearing (ECC) transactions, there is no any charges up to certain amount.