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Interest Rates:

Saving Deposits (बचत निक्षेप):

There are several saving deposit schemes. For deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 7.00 percent per year.

Fixed Deposits (मुद्दति निक्षेप):

There are several fixed deposit schemes. For fixed deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 10.50 percent per year.

Recurring Deposits (क्रमिक बचत निक्षेप):

For recurring deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 11.00 percent per year.

Loan Schemes (कर्जा योजना):

The loan is provided for almost all fields. For loan accounts, the interest rate is up to +8 percent Premium Rate.

Base Rate of Last Quarter End (Poush End 2075)  is 10.00%

For More Details, please click here:
Interest Rate Baisakh 2076 (April/May 2019)

Product Rates and Charges:

ATM Card Fee:

The ATM card is activated instantly, which is charged @ Nrs.200 for 2 years.

Excel VISA Debit Card Transaction Fee:

The Excel VISA Debit card can be used for withdrawal and purchase purpose inside Nepal, India and Bhutan with certain charges. The charges are as follows:

Particulars Amount (NRS)
Issuance Fee Nil
Annual Fee 200.00
Replacement/Re-issue 200.00
PIN Re-Generation 100.00
Top-up (Prepaid Reload Fee) Nil
Cash Withdrawal – ONUS Nil
Balance Enquiry – ONUS Nil
Mini Statement – ONUS Nil
Fund Transfer – ONUS Nil
Utility Payment – ONUS Nil
Cash Withdrawal – Within NEPS Member* 30.00
Balance Enquiry – Within NEPS Member* 5.00
Mini Statement – Within NEPS Member* 5.00
Fund Transfer – Within NEPS Member* Nil
Cash Withdrawal – Visa Terminals in Nepal 30.00
Balance Enquiry – Visa Terminals in Nepal 20.00
Cash Withdrawal – Visa Terminals outside Nepal 250.00
Balance Enquiry – Visa Terminals outside Nepal 50.00

*NEPS Member Banks:

  1. Commercial Banks:
    1. Sunrise Bank Limited
    2. Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
    3. Janata Bank Nepal Limited
    4. Siddhartha Bank Limited
    5. Citizens Bank International Limited
    6. NIC Asia Bank Limited
    7. Bank of Kathmandu Limited
    8. Prime Commercial Bank Limited
    9. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
    10. Global IME Bank Limited
  2. Development Banks:
    1. Deva Bikash Bank Limited
    2. Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited
    3. Om Development Bank Limited
    4. Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
    5. Sangri-la Development Bank Limited
    6. Excel Development Bank Limited
    7. Lumbini Bikash Bank Limited

Mobile Banking Fee:

For mobile banking there are several schemes, charged Rs. 200

Service Charges:

Free ABBS:

For ABBS transactions, there is no any charges. You may deposit or withdraw from any branch without any charges.

Free ECC:

For electronic cheque clearing (ECC) transactions, there is no any charges up to certain amount.

Other Charges:

Fees, Charges & Commissions for Revision effective from 01.01.2076 B.S. i.e. 14.04.2019 A.D.
 Fees, Charges & Commissions
SN  Headings  Sub-Headings  Volume  Rs./ %age Remarks
A Loans & Advances-Fees, Charges & Commissions
1 Processing/Enhancement Fee 1.1 Business Loan (Business OD, WC, TL,DL, any other Loanas in the name of Business Firm/Entities etc)  Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs   1.25% of loan amount/limit
 Above 5.00 lacs & Up to Rs. 20.00 lacs.   1.15% of loan amount/limit
 Above Rs.20.00 lacs   1% of loan amount/limit
1.2 Retail Loan (Housing Loan,Land Loan,Personal Loans, Vehicle Loan, Loan Against Share, any other loans in the Individual’s name )  Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs   1.50% of loan amount/limit
 Above 5.00 lacs & Up to Rs. 20.00 lacs.  1.25% of loan amount/limit
 Above Rs.20.00 lacs  1.15% of loan amount/limit
1.3 Short Term Loans (up to 3 months) to Business Entities  NA  1% of the proposed Loan amount
1.4 Loan Against FD/ Cash, Cash equivalent Margin inlcuding lien on other A/C  NA  NA
1.5 Gold Loan  NA  1% of the proposed Loan amount or minimum Rs. 300
2 Facility/Limit Renewal Fee  Upto Rs. 5.00 lac 0.50% or minimum Rs.1,000
 Upto Rs. 20.00 lacs 0.40% or minimum Rs. 2,500
 Above Rs.20.00 lacs 0.35% or minimum Rs. 8,000
3 Insurance Cost on Gold Loans NA NA Shall be recovered under Service Charge newly introduced for the category
4 Partial Release of Collateral except for Dep. Sec. & loan up to Rs. 5.00 lacs  Prop. DV Upto Rs. 20.00 lacs  Rs. 1,000.00 No Changes
 Prop. DV Upto Rs. 50.00 lacs  Rs. 2,000.00
 Prop. DV above Rs. 50.00 lacs  Rs. 3,000.00
5 Partial Release of Collateral & Re-Mortgage except for Dep. Sec. & loan up to Rs. 5.00 lacs  Prop. DV Upto Rs. 20.00 lacs  Rs. 2,000.00 No Changes
 Prop. DV Upto Rs. 50.00 lacs  Rs. 4,000.00
 Prop. DV above Rs. 50.00 lacs  Rs. 6,000.00
6 Replacement of Collateral except for Dep. Sec. & loan up to Rs. 5.00 lacs  Prop. DV Upto Rs. 20.00 lacs  Rs. 1,500.00 No Changes
 Prop. DV Upto Rs. 50.00 lacs  Rs. 2,500.00
 Prop. DV above Rs. 50.00 lacs  Rs. 4,000.00
7 Commitment Fee
7.1 On Working Capital/Overdraft if average utilization drop below 80%  NA  0.25% of the average unutilized limit (calculated at the time of renewal based on last month/quarter interest paid). Revised
7.2 On Term Loans (Business TL, PTL, HL,VL,LL etc) except for Short Term Loans (SDLs)  NA  One time @0.25% on difference amount between Loan Amount Sanctioned & Utilized Revised
8 Credit Information inquirty/blacklisting/delisting  NA  On actual basis As per NRB norms.
9 Reply on Local Credit Information  NA Rs. 100.00 to Rs. 250.00 Per reply
10 Prepayment Charge (Business TL, PTL, HL,VL,LL etc) except for Short Term Loans (SDLs)  NA  No Charge if prepaid from own sources due to Changes in Int. Rate or Sanctioned Terms. As per NRB norms (proposed).
 1% if prepaid from own sources .
 2% in case of Loan SWAP to Other BFIs
11 Purchase (Clean bills)  NA  0.25% plus interest at the interest rate applicable to the loan account or higher published interest rate for outstanding periods
12 Bank Guarantee Commissions
12.1 Bid Bond  NA  0.375% p.q. or min Rs.500.00 No Changes
12.2 Performance Bond/Supplier’s Credit Guarantee  NA  0.50% p.q. or min Rs.1,000.00
12.3 Advance Payment /Mobilization Guarantee  NA  0.75% p.q. or min Rs.1,000.00
13 Penal/Compound Interest (including for Staff Loan Facility)
13.1 Principal Overdue  NA  2% p.a. on Principal Overdue/ Total Outstanding Non renewed WC/OD for overdue period. No Changes
13.2 Interest Overdue  NA  Interest rate @ Interest rate applicable on respective account plus 2% p.a. on Overdue Interest for overdue period To comply with NRB Directives
14 Property Valuation Charge  NA  Shall be paid by the Borrower directly to the valuator otehrwise as per charge fixed on Agreement between Valuator & the Bank or on actual claim basis whichever is lower. No Changes
15 Insurance cost on stocks & collaterals other than land  NA  On actual cost basis No Changes
16 Registration of a mortgage document & Rokka at registration office  NA  On actual cost basis No Changes
17 Registration of  mortgage documents & Rokka at Bank’s premises (ie call on DOOR)  NA  On actual cost basis No Changes
18 Release of Legal Documents  NA  NIL Due to NRB Remarks
19 Fees on Loan Recovery Activity (Cost for Publishing Loan Call Back Notice, Auction Notice, Re-valuation Costs, Expenses on executing Panchakrite Valuation for Auction of Property etc)  NA  On actual basis No Changes
20 Legal Fee (external)  NA  On actual basis No Changes
21 Charges on Non submission of Documents (Balance Sheet & P/L Accounts for renewal)  For Loan above Rs. 20 lacs  Rs. 1,000 per month from the date of expiry if not submitted with one month moratorium
B Customer Service Remarks
1 Stop Payment  NA  Rs. 100.00 Per instrument
2 Standing Instruction  NA  Rs. 200.00 Per instruction but No charge for SI required for Call/Current & RD AC.
3 Certification of “Good for Payment”  NA  Rs. 300.00 Per instrument
4 Cheque returned unpaid over the counter (insufficient balance only)  NA  Rs. 200.00 Per instrument
5 Issuance of Balance Certificate  NA  Free for One time in a year but Rs. 500.00 for per additional request. Charge shall be leived If asked more than one time in a year or for interium period. However; balance certificate for Fiscal year end or as on account closed date for one time shall be provided free of cost.-No Change
6 Account Statement Fee  NA  Free for one time on regular basis. But for each additional requestes Rs. 100.00 & Rs. 200.00 for each additional requests for transactions before 1 year. No Changes
7 Activation of Dormant Account  NA  Nil No Changes
8 Minimum Balance Non Maintenance Charge  NA  Nil
9 Activity Fee (Debit Transactions more than specified by Bank on NPR Saving Accounts except done throug ATM/Online Banking)  NA  Rs. 100 per additional transaction specified by the Bank Management Revised
10 Cheque Issue
10.1 Issuance of Cheque Book against lost Cheque Book  NA  Rs. 200.00 Per book (minimum 10 leaves)
10.2 Issuance of Cheque-Single Leaf  NA  Rs. 100.00 Per leaf
11 Cheque Issue from Other  Branches
11.1 Issuance of Cheque Book from Other Branches  NA  Rs. 200.00 Per book (minimum 10 leaves)
11.2 Issuance of Cheque-Single Leaf  NA  Rs. 100.00 Per leaf
12 Account Closure
12.1 Deposit A/C closed (CA, SB, Call) within 6 months of opening  NA  Rs. 300.00 Except for Zero Balance Deposit Schemes
12.2 A/C closed (CA, SB, Call) after 6 months  NA  NIL Except for Zero Balance Deposit Schemes. Revised as required under NRB Directives.
13 Account Management Fee  NA  NIL No Changes
C Electronic Cheque Clearing (ECC)
1 Outward
1.1 Normal (Applicable for Rs.2 lacs or above only)  Cheque/Instrument Equall or Above Rs. 2 lacs.  Rs. 30/cheque, Instrument. No Charge for for Instrument below Rs. 2 lacs.
1.2 Express/ High Value Session  NA  Rs. 100/Cheque, Instrument
2 Inward  NA  Nil No Changes
3 Clearing Cheque  (outward) returned unpaid/rejected (for any reasons)  NA  Nil No Changes
4 Clearing Cheque (inward) returned unpaid due to insufficient fund  NA  Rs. 200.00 No Changes
C Inter Bank Payment System (IPS)
1 Inward (Deposit in Customer’s AC with us)  NA  NIL
2 Outward (Transfer of Fund to Other Bank’s AC from our Customer’s AC) 2.1 For Customers having AC with us (Own Customer)  Up to Rs. 50 K  Rs. 15/Transfer Revised
 Above Rs. 50 K up to Rs. 2 lacs  Rs. 25/Transfer
 Above Rs. 2 lacs  Rs. 50/Transfer
2.2 For customers not having AC with us  NA  Rs. 100/Transfer
D Safe Deposit Lockers (Fees & Key Deposit)
1 Small-Sized  NA  Rs. 1,200/ Year
2 Medium-Sized  NA  Rs. 2,000/ Year
3 Large-Sized  NA  Rs. 3,500/ Year
4 Minimum Key Deposit on Locker (All sizes)  NA  Rs. 10,000 (One time)
5 Key Replacement Fee-All Types  NA  Actual Cost to be incurred by the Bank.
6 Surrender of Locker-All Types  NA  Rs. 500.00
E ATM/Debit Cards
1 Issuance of ATM/Debit Card  NA  Rs. 200.00 or on actual cost basis Per Card till maturity
2 Reissuance of Card against Lost Card/Renewal  NA  Rs. 200.00 or on actual cost basis Per Card
3 Reissuance of PIN  NA  Rs. 100.00 or On actual cost basis Per Card
4 Uncollected ATM Card (cards not collected within 2 months will be destroyed)  NA  Rs. 200.00 or on actual cost basis
5 Cash withdrawal Fees other than EDBL ATMs  NA  NIL
6 Balance enquiry Fees made from ATMs other than EDBL  NA  Rs. 3 per Inquiry or on actual cost basis.
7 Record Retrieval Charges including for Closed Accounts  NA  Rs. 100.00 for transactions up to 6 months & Rs. 200.00 for transactions before 6 months
F Remittance
1 Inward Remittacne  NA  On actual basis or 0.10% with minimum charge of Rs.100.00 Per Remittance
2 Outward  NA  On actual basis or 0.10% with minimum charge of Rs.100.00 Per Remittance
3 ABBS  NA  Nil Per Transaction
4 Local Inter-Bank Transfer throug Other Bank’s Chq./Advices  NA  Nil Replaced by IPS Transaction
5 Transfer to other local banks from our customers’ a/c  NA  Nil Replaced by IPS Transaction
G Bills Collection  NA  0.10% of collection amount or min Rs.100.00 plus other bank charges.
H Postage & Charges
1 Courrier Charge-Domestic  NA  Rs. 50.00 or on actual bais whichever is higher Per Courrier
2 Courrier Charge-India  NA  Rs. 200.00 or on actual bais whichever is higher Per Courrier
3 Courrier Charge-Other Countries  NA  Rs. 500.00 or on actual bais whichever is higher Per Courrier
I SMS & Mobile Banking  NA  Rs. 200/ Year
J ASBA Fee (Share Application) Commissions  NA  Rs. 25/Application Revised
K Otheres
1 Issuance of Banker/Manager’s Cheque  NA  0.10% or minimum Rs.100.00 Per BKC/MC
2 Canellation of Banker/Manager’s Cheque  NA  Rs. 100.00 Per BKC/MC
L Penal Int. on Staff Advance (if not settled within stipulated time)  NA  2% on advance amount for overdue period

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